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Tuesday, February 7, 2012 / 11:08 PM

After work I went to the doctors to find out what was wrong with me, as I had this block right nostril since Sunday night. On the way to my clinic at Marine Parade, I was contemplating on whether to see the doctor. As my nose had cleared up, I was texting baby about it. But somehow I knew I had to see the doctor, I couldn't trust my nose anymore as it had clearly cheated my feelings so many times during the day. Block, clear, block, clear it was really a discomfort.

I proved myself right, while waiting a good half an hour to forty-five minutes as the clinic was packed with people. When it was my turn, I told the doctor I might have a mild cold, but he told me I have a sinus/nasal infection. FML! It even gave me this irritating cough. He said it was viral when I asked him how I got it.

After applying the iliadin drop into my right nostril, I can breathe again BUT now I have a runny nose and my right eye won't stop tearing = =.

I'm on MC tomorrow, hopefully after resting I'll be better and jumping around again.
*Crosses fingers*

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