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tomorrow will be a brighter day!
Monday, September 30, 2013 / 5:05 PM

The weather has been terrible lately, everyone is falling sick. It has been extremely sunny and wet. Told Baby yesterday that it was going to rain again as the snails are out. I was so lucky when I got home that it didn't rain. It rained really heavily at around 1am in the morning.

Was suppose to go to the doctors this morning at 9am, even got Baby to wake me up. Glad that he did, love to hear his voice in the morning! I went back to sleep as my bro didn't seem like he was up yet! Bro woke me up at 9.50am, got dressed and out to the doctors we go.

Bro thinks that my Dad gave me the flu but I think otherwise, there's so many people around me that are sick. Need to take into consideration that are others as well. But oh well, hope to get better soon! So many things to do in Oct!

Hope tomorrow will be a brighter day!


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Saturday, September 28, 2013 / 10:26 PM

Wisdom? Definitely no wisdom in wisdom teeth!

HAHA! Pulled out another one of my wisdom tooth.. The last one was from a year or two ago. Oh the dentist was horrible. I suppose it's a arrogant young dentist who doesn't know how to calm reassure a patient. Only know how to scare~ Glad that I don't go to him anymore!

The current dentist so him, he's Dr Tan. Keeps asking if i'm Okay.. He's just like my dentist in Australia. So he did in less than half an hour, he gave me 3 injections. The only weird feeling I had when he tried to loosen the tooth away from my other tooth, before pulling it out.

It was good, i didn't feel a thing.. Just that after he pulled it out. Placed a gauze in my mouth and said I was good to go. I was like shaking non stop, I couldn't type properly. Shock? I don't think I was in shock.. anyways feels good to have 2 less wisdom teeth in my mouth. No more huge ulcer, that I had to bear for 3 weeks hoping that it would just disappear!

I'm Toofless!

Yesterday's extraction cost me $85 and painkillers were free. I think that's quite okay, consider that the first extraction cost me close to $100...

The day of extraction and today, I'm impress that it doesn't feel pain or that I have to eat the painkillers that they gave me. They called me up today to follow up on the extraction ^^. Told them no pain and no more bleeding.

Now have to wait till my next appointment to remove the bottom 2. Those 2 need surgery and I have booked my slot on 29 Oct! Hope to recover in the one week of MC that I will be having. Everything good before my birthday and the states trip with family and Baby .


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Food Heaven
Friday, September 27, 2013 / 1:15 PM

Here's another late post! 

This time on food from all the restaurants that I've makan at for the past month or two.

May it be with family or with Baby, it was all enjoyable!

Food makes me happy.. but it also makes me FAT!!! and have established that so far..

Let's START~


Slices of Baguette with Sour Cream, Onions, Egg (White & Yolk) and Cavair

That was my first time in my whole life that I've tried Caviar. Had it at Baby's house!

~ ~ ~

My Sister Bakes Cupcakes

This yummy lovely cupcake was baked my colleague TQL's friend - We got it for TQL and Vania birthday. Something different instead of just a normal cake!

I had a chocolate base cake with strawberry icing and sprinkles

TQL, the other time let me choose another flavour and oh man that taste good too! It was the Lemon Meringue (with Lemon Curd filling)..

~ ~ ~

Barracks @ House (Dempsey)

This time round, I brought my family there, as Mum and Dad were in Singapore for a wedding. They asked me if there were anything nice to eat so I had suggested why not go to Barracks @ House. I know for a fact that they had not been there be for.

Brunch was awesome, so was the Taro Fries with Truffle Oil and the Dark Chocolate Tart.. *drools*

If you go there, they might have their credit card discounts, so ask! It really saves you alot of $$..

Best to book a reservation on the weekends, you wouldn't want to end up disappointed after reaching there to find that they don't have a table for you. And make sure on the phone they write your name down properly. Well they didn't for me, but it was good they found my "name" in their list under my number!

How to get there..
8D Dempsey Road
#01-01 to 06 Tanglin Village
Tel: 6475 7787

Opening Hours
Mon - Thu : Noon - 11pm
Fri : Noon - Midnight
Sat : 11am - Midnight
Sun : 9am - 11pm

~ ~ ~

Teow Chew Meng @ Tanjong Katong

They sell really nice Mee Sua.. Had the one with clear soup and mince pork! They have another kind which my Dad and S-I-L was having. Mee Sua in this thick broth, something like Mee Sua in Shark's Fin soup (Starchy). I had to try but I preferred my soup based.

The Wu Xiang was not bad, but I've had better.

I would go back to have their Mee Sua again and try their Prawn Pancake
(apparently it's nice according to my brother)

You can actually CHOPE a table at Teow Chew Meng

How to get there..
59 Tanjong Katong Road
Beng Tong Mansion
Singapore 437047

Opening Hours
Tue - Sun : 11am - 11pm

~ ~ ~

Mellben Seafood Toa Payoh @ Lorong 8

Not bad when to try this place out with Baby and friends. I like the fried Mee Sua and the Sambal Kang Kong. Don't really like the Crab Soup with the Chu Mee Fen. The crab smell is too overpowering. Will want to try the Chilli Crab the next time round.

Toa Payoh is not the only outlet they have..

Check out their website!

How to get there...
211 Toa Payoh Lorong 8
Singapore 310211

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun : 12pm - 10.45pm


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cuteness overload
Thursday, September 26, 2013 / 12:52 PM

Some cute gifs to chase away the Thursday blues.. and cheer me up for my lost T-shirt!


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/ 12:50 AM

I had 2 pieces of clothing flew out the back window on Sunday morning. 1 I had retrieved it the other I have not. Why? because the other piece that was a t-shirt got hooked onto the gala stick on the 2nd floor unit. I have been trying to get it back since Sunday, my greatest mistake was not to take a picture of it hanging there. My bro has been helping to try and get it back, but to my dismay they seem to be not at home most of the time. Hence we seeked help from our management, and she has gotten back to us today. It seems that #02-02 has told her that they don't have it. 

Can you stop being so dishonest, other people's clothing you also want. I know the design is cute, but still please give it back! If I see someone from that household wearing my t-shirt I swear man I'm going to question them. Mum told me to let it be, but how can I.. I bought that t-shirt 2 hours out of Bangkok at a floating market. Thank god, Baby didn't buy it for me if not i'll be so depressed and cry ):


In the RED box : the t-shirt that was not given back to me!

Now have to go back to the same place to get that t-shirt again...

I hate my neighbours!

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Marine Life Park
Monday, September 16, 2013 / 6:59 PM

Late post!

So the other day, I had an option of choosing between the Marine Life Park or 
to the Science Center to check out the bugs exhibit.

Well you might have already guessed which one I had picked. 
Although this might be the second time there, but it was awesome as I was going with Baby! Yippies..

We had an option of taking the bus, train or walk into Sentosa. But walking was good for me as you only pay $1, hahaa! We bought our tickets via Mastercard as there was a discount for it. At first we didn't buy the express queue as they said we could buy it later on, no pressure. Top off $10 for express queue and Typhoon Theatre. We had to go thru some exhibition before getting to the escalator to head on a level down to the aquarium. When we reached the bottom, well all I can sayt was the queue was insane!

Thank god! for a counter below, so Baby topped our normal ticket off with the express and it was in we go and suckers to the rest of the people! Ok I know i'm evil to say that but yay for me! After breezing through the express queue we were in for a big surprise! There were alot of people.. It was especially stuffy when you have to walk through the aquarium tunnels. You have people blocking you from both sides, it was just horrible. Too many tourist clustered in one area, gah.. no air!

I thought maybe the crowd would have died down since it's been open quite long, well I was definitely wrong! It's good that they're doing well, but need some crowd control.

Some photos from the day.

First line from the left: Our tickets, A kind of Sea Horse (can't remember), Cuttle Fish
Second line from the left: Dolphin (Well the first time I went there, the exhibition was not open, so I was quite excited that it was there. But I got blocked by heaps of tourist.), Baby and I, Alaskan Snow Crab (Fooooooooooood!)
Third line from the left: Blue Jellies (So cute! I want to poke the top.. Squishy), Giant TAKO! (Octopus), 5 Sharks (*Drools*)

After the day at the park, we headed up to experience the Typhoon Theatre. 


We were walking around outside wondering where is the Adventure Water Cove as I wanted to have a look. It's located at the back of the Marine Life Park building. Should find a day to enjoy there!

More late posts to be uploaded soon.

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