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reveriebelle has launched
Monday, January 13, 2014 / 12:01 PM was launched on Sunday, 12 January 2014.

They bring in authentic Pandora charms/items from all over the world.. Yippee!

Currently they only ship within Singapore

Currently they're taking orders for Valentine's Day Charms..

Enquire now for it to arrive before Valentine's Day!

To enquire, fill up their form here and key in your Name, Email and Model Number.

Taken from their website.. Here are the Model Numbers.

[courtesy of]

Check out their other charms that you may like to pre-order here or if you have something else in mind and it is not on their website. Feel free to enquire with the model number and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


I want to get 'Wrapped with Love' & 'Gift from the Heart', should be nice to start putting some gold on my bracelet. Currently it's gold less~ I currently have 10 charms/clips and there's still some space left, planning to save some for a couple more murano charms, cause they're so pretty! If my bracelet has no space i'm planning to get another one (:

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december; the end of the year
Sunday, January 5, 2014 / 7:46 PM

A lot of things happened in December last year 2013.

Baby and I went to the States for the first time. It's the longest holiday we've gone on and it's with my family (: It was fun! We were there for 2 weeks! Went to Vegas and Orlando (Disney World). 

After we came back, it was planning for my Bro's surprise 37th Birthday. Planned it with Sis-in-Law, everything went smoothly without bro noticing. He was shocked to see me at home on a Sat, thinking I had gone to Baby's house for the weekend. He came back from New York that day and was tired after a long flight so he went to sleep. Keke.. I Met Baby to get his game at Qisahn for Christmas and headed to Wisma's Paris Baguette to get Bro's cake. They only had one chocolate cake left and everyone was eyeing it! So I had to get it, even though the strawberries on the cake had eyes. The cake is called "HaHa Family". Lol! When it was time and Bro's friends and colleagues were gathered at the lift for the surprise. He was super surprised, mission accomplished.

On the eve of Christmas eve, my colleague Vania and I we went to Giant Vivocity to buy Apple Cider for the Christmas party that was happening on Christmas eve itself. Each of us were carrying a packaging of 4 each went my packaging bottom decided to collapse and sent all 4 bottles to the ground. We couldn't move in time as it was too sudden. We were like 'What just happen?' I was like 'How did that happen?' totally in shock. Vania was like 'Clara, you're bleeding!!'; I looked down and was like 'It's just a small cut'.. She said 'No, it's a deep cut'. That's when the Giant staff asked me to sit down on a plastic carton box. There were so many people around us, in my head I was like why did this happen to me ): So unlucky! The Giant staff cleaned my wound and were asking what happened.. we were explaining to them, there was so much commotion. The staff told Vania to call an ambulance as my cut was a deep laceration. 

I felt so embarrassed when I had to sit on the ambulance stretcher bed that they made into a chair. Cause everyone was looking at me.. when we reached the ambulance and we had to go down a step Vania decided that she would take a picture of me.

People say that since i'm smiling I should be fine! Did you realise that i'm still in shock.. and plus I was like OMG since i'm going down backwards. Ambulance brought me to SGH A&E where Vania and I had to wait a very long time to be seen and to get my stitches. This is my first time getting stitches and it will be my last. I was given a Tetanus shot, whoever said it feels like a red ant biting you. He/She odd to be shot! Before the doctor stitched me up I had 3 injections to numb the area, OMG that was a bitch and I still felt the doctor sewing me up FML!

This experience is making my life such an inconvenience.

Was so sick of people asking me what happen and people saying how did I fall down = =. Does it look like I fell down? If I did indeed fall down wouldn't my knees be the one that is injured? and not my shin! Geez stop jumping to conclusion.

I wasn't going down without a fight, wasn't going to turn down my getaway cause of my injury! I went for it but it was interesting and a bit inconvenient. We were at a Kelong in Batam~ We took a ferry from Harbourfront Centre, a car ride to a jetty somewhere in Batam and another boat ride to the Blue Mountain Kelong. We set off at 7ish pm and arrived at 11ish pm that night. I was trying to get off the boat, it was so scary as it was night time and I had used my injured leg to get up! Totally forgot as my injured leg is my strong leg.. sigh~ someone was helping me up but I had lost my balance and had pulled him down with me. I felt like a turtle landing on its shell. It was so embarrassing as Baby's friends were there and all of them were guys! To add on to my injury list I had gotten a bruise on my right knee (injured leg).

The first batch of us on the boat before alighting. The other 2 girls that were suppose to join us couldn't make the journey that we made and joined us the next day..

Our accommodation..

Every time I had to shower I had to wrap my leg up like a Ba Zhang! Was quite hard to shower as we were showering in cold water, with the wind constantly blowing. It was really cold!

I would say that the experience was awesome, something new, something that I've never tried before! Everyone was fishing and I have never fished for a fish before with a rod.. I've only gone prawning. So I decided to try line fishing something that I have not done before. Also accomplished catching a huge fish on the line! Well to me it's big~

We were having so much fun that the weekend had gone so fast..

The day came when we had to leave.. 
We left on a Sunday afternoon with the Owner back to Singapore..

Picture credits to Baby's friend Vincent

This wraps up the end of the year.. Bye 2013!

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