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Fruitful day
Thursday, March 21, 2013 / 10:37 PM

Went to the gym during lunch with Baby. Was there before him and he went and stole the cycling machine I was on. Such a meanie.. but I gave in to him.. Should I go tomorrow? Hmm might decide again tomorrow.

Almost done with the D&D surprise.. I hope everyone will like it. Showed it to Sharon and she was laughing told me it was good just had to add in another section. I think I can finish it by tomorrow. Need to do up the EDM as well. Just now was liaising with the designer/printer for our poster and invitation cards. Going to start on my video montage without sound tomorrow. Sigh! First draft for video montage to be in by 27 March.

Everything going as plan on my side, thanks to everyone (: Love Dolly the most for helping me find pictures for the video montage and for the surprise!

Came home early today thought I could clean their pee and poo, bring the trash down, feed Oreo and Twirl, drop the eye drop in Twirl's eyes. wash my laundry, cook my noodles early. But I ended up doing this from 7 - nowish.

At least the poopies are very good they don't pee and poo everywhere except for on the papers.

Quite tired, I remembered yesterday Baby was over sorta helping me with them and when he got home, showered asked me if I wanted to play Sim City I wanted to but I was falling asleep.

Why why why...?? Must my brother and sis-in-law go on holiday at this time.. So busy man! They left on Tuesday and they'll be back on Sunday evening. Even though tomorrow is Friday and that Sunday is close by.. I can't stay out late and I feel like it's forever for them to get back from their trip..

I'm going to rest now ~

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Friday, March 15, 2013 / 11:45 PM

Seriously is telling me what your doing so wrong? Why can't you tell me..? Now i'm like waiting for you at home like a fool thinking you'll come and get me since it's like so late. You said you'll be cabbing down to my place to pick me up.. Now what is the time? Then you tell me last bottle.. you mean you were drinking and I was waiting here thinking you still eating dinner.

Seriously you might not be tired, but I am. So not considerate and now you think that I think that you're in the wrong. What do you think? You never told me anything about having drinks and least I won't have to rush in having my shower or packing to go to your house. Or even rushing home from the farewell dinner I was at. Seriously have you ever wondered if the roles were turned. You think that you might act differently. I highly doubt it, you'll be just as angry/worried as me. Like why so long..

You say her friend came halfway, you could always say sorry I need to go.. It was nice meeting you. No one forced you to stay and drink. It's almost 12am.. and I'm still waiting..

Seriously I don't know what to say..


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food poisoning
/ 12:19 AM

I'm so silly, had food poisoning and thought I didn't. Blamed it on the cold air con .
Because it's not like other food poisoning that I have experience.

I was hoping the doctor would give me something strong to stop the constant diarrhea, running to the toilet. But he gave me Lacteol Fort sachets.. What is it? It's Probiotis - good bacteria for the stomach
(apparently that's what is written on the label with my name).

Also checked up on the medicine..

"Probiotics are live microorganisms that may confer a health benefit on the host."

Great! I just had a whole sachet of live microorganisms in my cup of water.. I say it's bad because before I took it, my stomach was fine! No signs of stomach aches, or wanting to run to the toilet.
Only after I took Lacteol Fort, it made me want to keep going.. I'm tired of running in there..

Oh just so you know I got told it smells like citrus.. NOT! Doesn't smell like anything but BANANA! I seriously don't know why the people who make the medicine have to flavour their meds BANANA..
Bad combination.. period!

My stupid medicine so ma fan, have to mix with water..
I hope it goes away, if not i'm just going to self medicate myself with imodium!


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reminiscing old songs
Thursday, March 14, 2013 / 11:30 PM

I was surfing songs on YouTube and came across songs from my pri/sec school days. That made me hunt down more old songs.. Those were the days.. Reminiscing is good~

Here are 3 of them..

Steps - 5,6,7,8 (1998) {Step One album}

Steps - One For Sorrow (1998) {Step One album}

Hanson - MMMBop (1997) {MMMBop album}

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Plain Vanilla
Monday, March 11, 2013 / 12:42 AM

Baby really 疼爱我. We had our 26 monthsary on Sat. Spent it with XW at Victor's Kitchen and then went to the IT Fair. Baby finally bought his internal 1 TB hard disk while I finally bought my micro sd card for my toy camera.

Sunday baby went with me to Holland V to get some cupcakes from Plain Vanilla. My favourite place (:

I wuv you baby

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Monday, March 4, 2013 / 11:36 PM

weheartit }

mood marshies.


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