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Salty Caramel
Thursday, January 31, 2013 / 11:22 AM

We found a new ice cream place at Orchard Central. 
Went there to have a go at their flavours but I had only one scoop of ice cream yesterday.

I had taste tested their Cotton Candy and it tasted good until I tried their Salty Caramel.. OMG! That flavour seriously oh so good. Depends on the place I go to I might not like the Sea Salt Caramel. But this Salty Caramel at Seventh Heaven at Orchard Central, Level 2 (I think it should be one of their new outlets as I could not find it on their website) it's so yummy I'm craving for more .

Check out their website below.. it looks so cool!

Click on the picture to head to their website.

There's another ice cream place called Creamier at Blk 128, Toa Payoh.. Love their Sea Salt Gula Melaka  

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sink hole
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 / 12:39 PM

On my way to work, saw the sign board "Jam on Keppel Road/Cantonment Road" and it also says to avoid it. Ahhhh how to... that is the way my bus 30 takes! So how? Was stuck on the bridge to Keppel Road for about 25 mins before my bus could actually get of the bridge/ram. As we were nearing, I was thinking to myself this must be one bad accident. Seriously couldn't move..  they have blocked off one stretch of the road and diverted the traffic to behind the bus stop. It was weird as the bus driver had to let the passengers off at a weird area and then I realised that it was not accident.

According to Channel News Asia on Facebook:

A car fell into a sinkhole caused by a burst water pipe. PUB was alerted to this at 7am and is now repairing the burst water pipe at the junction of Keppel Road and Cantonment Link, in the direction towards HarbourFront. Viewer Jason Chong shared this video he filmed from the backseat of a taxi at about 7.40am. Several viewers also told us how they were stuck in a massive traffic jam caused by this incident. PUB says traffic is being diverted to a parallel road.
But by the time my bus reached this area the car had already been pulled out of the sink hole and all was left was the hole and the gushing water that looked like a Jacuzzi on high mode. I saw they were trying to reach the main valve to turn the water off.. But they have to cut the road to reach it.

You don't get to see this everyday!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 / 9:09 AM

Baby finally got rid of my craving for Rojak yesterday! He brought me to one in Toa Payoh and to my horror it was closed. After which we walked to another one that was nearby and it was sold out. Then we remembered there was one at HDB Hub food court. So we walked back, Baby went to find a table and I queued in the long snake like line. "Seriously is it that good?" I thought, as I have never tried this one before but I was told that it was good.

Was supposed to buy $3 but Baby messaged me to get $4 instead. 
It was the best $4 I've ever spent, it was that awesome!

I told Baby, that I should buy this whenever I come to Toa Payoh LOL! But seriously do I want to queue that long for this AWESOMENESS!


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Saturday, January 26, 2013 / 4:27 PM

This morning got a shocking news from one of my colleagues from my department that a dear colleague of ours from CS&M has passed on from a bike accident last night.

She had a bubbly friendly personality and she's no longer around.
My dear friend you will be dearly missed ): May you rest in peace!

I'll be going for her wake tonight to I went to her wake to pay my last respects to her.

I have lost friends to cancer and accidents before. 
I'm just sad that the good ones always leave us but the bad ones stay.


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Thursday, January 24, 2013 / 12:20 PM

Seriously need help, please ask GRACIOUSLY and not be an irritating prick who wants you to do everything. Think we're so free to help you, please think again. Use your BRAINS!

Asshole name calling prick!


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/ 11:19 AM

Seriously so heng.. 

Bro also said to me yesterday "wah you're so heng to be the last couple to be invited to choose your flat.
But it will take at least 5 years to get it."

HDB why must you choose such a weird day to ask us to go down for our appointment.
Now have to take half day leave, cause it lands on a Thursday.

Asked him before heading to bed, what floor were you on when you bought your Punggol flat. He said 4th!! Omg so low.. Why didn't I realise it, stayed at his place but don't remember..

Will be camping at the HDB site to check out which units have been taken..

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Monday, January 21, 2013 / 10:48 AM

To my bff:

To me silent breakups are awful and it's not the way to go about it.

You need to be strong even though you might not be, show him you don't need him to be happy!

You need to breathe.

Let me ask you what are his good points? Does he have any?

Those girls that he has added..

so smile and be happy as..

You might not have someone now, but you will have one in future. 
One that will look after you better, care for you, make you feel like a princess..

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Almost Died
/ 10:30 AM

Baby and I were coming back from AMK Hub as we went to watch The Impossible. We actually tapped our cards to go in to the MRT and then realised the taxi queue was short we tapped out which cost as $0.73 and we didn't even take the train. 

When we reached the taxi stand, we boarded the taxi starting was $3.00 the cheapest starting amount. It's like a mistake.. The time when we boarded was around 4~5pm so you know normally people would be awake. But this taxi uncle from where we were sitting he looked like he was falling asleep. With the constant nodding and what's worst he got honked twice or maybe three times! But who's counting..

When he had to turn the corner he was like not even stepping on the accelerator.. Baby and I fearing for our lives. Baby also noticed the uncle never change gears.. If you're tired please do not drive and put others at harm even though you want to earn money. Because it's seriously not worth it.

Never want to experience that again!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013 / 12:31 PM

Seriously pissed off.. M1 why must you have this kind of problem..
Fix it faster! I can neither call out or receive any calls.

When I was on the way home yesterday, Bro whatsapp me to ask if I had any reception. I told him no as I had just gotten out of the MRT station (underground) and as I walked to the bus stop.. Miraculously I had full bar reception so I told Bro about it. So he replied to ask me to call M1's customer service and ask them what is wrong and when will it be back up. But this time I was already on the bus and decided OK once I have alighted i'll call them 1627. Luck ran out and gave me 'NO SERVICE' while I was walking home, I was cussing at my phone. As I could not whatsapp or call. I suppose Bro was wondering why I didn't whatsapp him before coming up as I would NORMALLY call him.

The whole family is on M1 ): We were like do you have reception, oh I have reception.. oh wait I don't the whole night. So before I slept wanted to call Baby, tried but failed so I had to call using Viber. Basically survived on wi-fi well I suppose most M1 users around Singapore had to do that.

I wonder when they'll be able to get everyone back up, feels like I do not have a phone when I have one!

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/ 12:07 PM

I'll be having a 2 day core training course at SAFRA Toa Payoh, since it is far from my house. I will be staying at Baby's house which is so much nearer!! This is going to be like a super long weekend. I think if someone saw me at the bus stop or come to my table at work, they would think i'm running away from home or moving house. I mean seriously I must have my products with me, if not i'd be 'crap don't have this' but I have already said it. Forgot to bring my specs out, i'll be blind as a bat at night when I remove my contacts.

Oh well Baby you just have to guide me around, even though it will be inconvenient for you.

Brother is sad as I will not be helping him for 2 days as my SIL will be away in Malaysia for work.
He has to take care of all the poopies!


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Monday, January 14, 2013 / 1:03 AM

Seriously some people just don't know how to save themselves from embarrassment and stop! 
Grow up you're not that young anymore!

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Forever and Always ♥
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 / 9:59 AM

It's been about 24 months!

The 104 weeks that we're together have been the best times of my life
(except for your accident).

It's the 703 days that you have not failed to make me laugh, cry, angry and blush.

About 17531 hours will be today where we mark our 2nd Anniversary!

Baby not sure what i'd do without you. Thank you for always here for me. I you.


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Back to work..
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 / 11:45 AM

I miss my holiday already, please send me back in time to relive my New Year Eve and New Year's Day. I need to relax and enjoy. One and a half days is not enough..

Need to plan for the next trip, time to check out some BANGKOK deals. Maybe a short trip during one of the weekends for some shopping with Joyce. Oh that's so a plan! -evil scheme- Sorry Baby going to go without you, will go again with you on a longer one, like how we had planned one before your accident! Then we can go sightseeing too~

Can you believe it, I'm back to counting down to the weekend! 2 and a half days to go!

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Goodbye 2012; Hello 2013!
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 / 12:07 AM

Spent the last few moments of 2012 fixing my diablo log in.. Didn't know what was wrong with the authenticator until I read about the restore, As I had gotten a new phone in September.
(that was the problem, wasn't synced to my new phone hence the restore)

Just as I heard the count down on Ch 5 from my room.











I had fixed my diablo log in and it was just in time for the new year!



Hope this year will be an awesome one and nothing bad will happen (:

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