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PK Challenge
Thursday, August 23, 2012 / 10:12 AM

It is that time of the year again! 
All those who love singing and want to have your very own original single that will be produced by professionals and will be played on national radio/screened around Singapore? This is your chance!

Have you heard of PK Challenge? 
Fret not, here is a bit about the competition..

PK Challenge had 2 successful competitions in 2009 and 2011. In 2011, PK Challenge saw more than 500 participants, coming together to pit their singing skills against each other. This event is organised by SAFRA, Hark Music and SAFRA Radio. Besides the usual PK format, there will be online auditions which will be held on facebook.

PK Challenge will have new categories this year to allow a diverse competition in English and in Mandarin.

Ultimate Champion
To release an Original Single to be played over 883Jia FM + 
$1000 cash prize and gift hampers worth more than $500 + Trophy

This competition is open to all Singaporeans, aged 18 and above.

To participate..
Simply record your best singing and submit the audio to us between 1 August to 31 August!
Visit SAFRA PK Challenge Facebook for registration details.

Registration is free! Take part now!

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Our mini tour..
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 / 2:15 AM

I agreed to go with baby and his family (consist of his mum, youngest sister, his da gu and grandpa) on a 1 Day tour to Batam. Thought that it would be a great way to bond, but felt that it's still a bit hard for myself to communicate with his da gu. Not sure why maybe it's the vibes that she gives out. Hope we get a long fine in future ((:

Baby dragged my tired bum out of bed so that we wouldn't have to leave the house late. It was about 7+am on 28 July, Saturday.. Before we left the house I had to take my motion sickness tablet as I didn't want to throw up on the ferry and make a mess. Ferry ride to Batam was packed and that some people had to stand the whole journey.

I had read my book on Skoob, played games and slept on my comfy 'pillow'. I was tired since I had to wake up so early on the weekend that when baby woke me up just to watch a lame Thai movie that was showing on board, I was cranky.. who wouldn't be.

We arrived in Batam, but we were at a different ferry terminal as last time we were there.

Cleared customs, went for a toilet break and off on our day tour with a whole bunch of other people who took the 2D1N Batam package.

Our tour guide was super funny, this is the kind of tour guide you would want on a tour. If not it would be too boring and you'd tune out.

We had lunch early as Batam is 1 hour behind Singapore time. We headed to some buffet place, I went for seconds as I was famished. Bee hoon was the best to me and I had more of it.

Then off we started with our city tour, first stop would be all the dry food and snacks. We spent a good S$30+ in that shop, carrying 2 big bags to the bus. After which we went to the shopping mall, nostalgic as it feels, yes we're back here for the second time. As we were here on holiday just last year with Baby's friends.

Didn't know what to do and I for some odd reason was hungry again.. My eyes became big after staring at the A&W sign. I wish Singapore has one again.. Someone bring it back again and have coney dogs and nice waffles. It brings back memories eating it at Lau Pa Sat donkey years ago. When we were there it started to get cold and it rained extremely heavy. Before we left we head to JCo for some donuts and frappe as it was also our meet up point.

It was suck a pig out day, after shopping we opted for some massage. When I walked into the room, my mind was racing.. The place looks so sleazy and each compartment is separated by a curtain..

After which we headed to this temple, while baby was praying I was walking around. Smell of joss sticks linger around the temple. The only time i'm in a temple with joss sticks in hand would be during Chinese New Year!

After our short 20 minutes we headed back to pick the rest of the people on board our 40+ seat bus. Dropped them off at their respectable hotels and off to the jetty for our journey back home. The ride was apparently bumpy but I didn't feel a thing as I was cozily snuggled up asleep in baby's arms. Dam he was that comfy! The only thing I didn't like about the journey back was the air-con at the back, it was cold.. brrr... and it was raining when we reached back to Harbourfront Centre.

*Will put photos later on..

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