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i finally have..
Monday, April 21, 2014 / 2:51 AM

my better than perfect vision.. haha! that's what my doctor said. Well one eye anyways.. and baby has been teasing me about plus he has been telling the whole world making me seem stupid.

Tell me what is 6/4.5 or was it 4.5/6. Normally it would be 6/6 right! 

Anyway it was a miracle after the surgery as I seriously think I was crazy to SMS a cab to take me home as opening my eyes was such a hassle.. I just couldn't open, was struggling actually.

4 days after my LASIK surgery, I'm free from contacts and glasses after so many years!

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awesome year a head
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 / 11:06 AM

Did something awesome to the blog after so long.. It had been a standstill as I really didn't have time to update. So, I decided to change how my picture on the left hand side. It now bares my name and my picture.

You have to roll your mouse over Clara to check my face out. I have yet to update a nice photo but the current one will do for the time being.

Some awesome events happening this year:

 's Convocation

Will be going for my LASIK next week~ OMG I'm getting nervous already! But I will be in good hands :)

Watching Ah Boys to Men The Musical with 

Our awesome South Africa trip with

Watching Jeff Dunham "Disorderly Conduct Tour"

Going on a short weekend to Tioman while ♥ goes diving in open waters

Going back to Brissie on a short trip with   

Short getaway to Bali to celebrate Ivy's birthday


Oh I can't wait for all the travelling, it would be so good to get away from work.

Last week's short Bintan getaway was awesome, was with great company. The beach was so nice when it was low tide and the water was so clear.

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