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Early Valentine's Day Dinner
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 / 12:19 AM

We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day one day earlier, as baby is busy with his presentation. Baby had places in mind but they were fully booked, this is where I stepped in. Flipped through all the NSman that I have on my work table and found Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
located at Bishan Park 2.

Baby made reservations for 2 at 8pm, after work baby was teasing me for he had wanted to open the pressie. But I told him only when we reached the place, as I wanted to make sure it was all nicely packed in the box before he opened it.

The place is quite a fair distance from the bus stop that we alighted from, but it was nice to walk with baby. We passed a McDonalds at the park and we had to cross this scary bridge with house lizards running around. It's so dark even though there were lights at the side. I was so scared of stepping on them or them crawling up my leg. 

When we reached the lady who attended to us said that the restaurant we were suppose to dine in was full and wondered if it was ok if they sat us at a different restaurant but they will serve their food. We agreed and sat down at The Green Room (vegetarian restaurant).

Looking through the menu

We ordered Tapas, Soft Shell Crab, Beef and Lobster Spaghetti. While waiting for the food baby finally got to open his present.

And then I started taking random things in the restaurant..

Baby gave me pretty flowers just like last year.

Some shots of baby, my love 

Baby took some shots of me, I should have wore makeup maybe then I won't look so terrible. But he likes me without makeup..  oh such a dilemma!

Our food arrived minutes later..

After dinner we walked back to the bus stop, I took the bus with baby and I technically sent him home on Valentine's Day as I was cabbing from his house back to mine.

Baby want to wish you..


Hope to spend many more with you (:

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