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Oreo Truffles
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 / 10:21 PM

I made this easy recipe for baby's Valentine's Day present. If you're a beginner at making/baking sweet and doesn't have a grinder. This recipe is right for you. Great for parties and gifts.

• Philadelphia Cream Cheese (for baking)
• 2 Boxes of Oreo Cookies - 2 box = 4 packets = 56 cookies
• Hershey Semi Sweet Chocolate (block or chips)

• Small/Big Rolling Pin
• Metal Bowl (Medium Size)
• 4 Zip Lock Bags (Quarter Size) / Or a bigger size
• 2 Small Trays or 1 Big Tray
• Wax Paper 


1. Separate the cream from the 56 Oreo cookies and place them into 2 zip lock bags.

2. Place the 2 Zip lock bags into another 1 each, just in case the bags breaks.

3. Take your rolling pin (I'm using the small one) 

And start hammering & rolling your cookie bag until your cookie becomes crumbs like this

4. Place the metal bowl in front of you, then

pour 1¾ bag of cookie crumbs in and about ¾ of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese 

5. Start mixing both of them together until firm. If you're mixture is still wet, 
make sure to add in more cookie crumbs.
6. Take your Wax Paper and

line both trays with Wax Paper (I bought mine from Cold Storage)

7. Now roll your cookie mixture into balls, depends on whether you want them small or big.
(I have a mixture of both)

8. Pour your Hershey Semi Sweet Chocolate bar/ chips into a metal bowl and place it on a boiling pot of water and melt the chocolate.
9. After which you'll have to drop your cookie mixture balls into.
10. Realign the coated balls and place it back on the tray.
11. Sprinkle your remaining ¼ as decoration for your truffles.
12. Refrigerate them in the fridge for about an hour or two.

13. Take them out and place them into chocolate cups.
(I bought 2 sizes/ designs)

14. The final product

*You can estimate the amount you put in, I didn't follow the measurements on the recipe for this.

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