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Singapore Airshow 2012
Sunday, February 19, 2012 / 3:05 AM

Baby got free tickets to the Singapore Airshow 2012, but they weren't for the weekend. So I took leave for Thursday and got an awesome pass from it. The trade tickets are for Tuesday - Friday. We went with his mum, so the 3 of us woke up early on Thursday, had breakfast (Wanton Mee) with his Dad before taking a train all the way down to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to take a bus to the Changi Exhibition Hall. Can you believe the bus ride, which was chartered by SMRT was $5 each ride. So in totally that day I spent more than $10 worth of transport! 

Baby with the Ultimax 100 MK 8

As it was early, we walked around the exhibition hall, baby was telling us they have a small butterfly park in the Changi Airport exhibition. It's so cool they made a miniature version of it.. I took so many photos in there. Here are some of them.

Walked around a bit more to check out the other exhibits before walking out to get ready for the airshow performance. There was this guy giving out free umbrellas as it was hot and sunny outside. So baby shout out to his mum whether she wanted one and the guy handing out repeated what baby said. It was so funny!

Baby & his mum

The performance that day started at 11pm, baby said that it'll last about an hour. His mum went to sit down on the stands while we went up all the way to the front to snap photos. I was sad for my camera battery died near the end of the performance and it's always super nice at the end and I missed it.

I've QCed most of my pictures and here are some of the nicer ones.

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