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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 / 11:22 PM

How would you like if you were mocked by other people about yourself, i'm sure you would not like it. Hence why do you do it to other people. Is it that big a deal if I suck at mathematics, does it make a big deal that I use to fail maths. Look were I am today, I'm working in the same place as you.. getting paid and I don't need maths. So why the hell do you mock me and say to others that I can't count.

I can't say I was like you in Primary school in EM1or 2.. or in Secondary school in NA or Express. Cause I was not I was in the lowest stream you can ever find. Why? I was a slow learner they say. Being looked down for half of my schooling life you don't know how that feels and there you mock me cause of one single subject. Shame on you!

Being an emotional person, I tend not to show my sadness as I don't want people to judge me of being weak. So I keep to myself about this kind of things and when it gets too much I break down and cry. Do you think I enjoy doing this. If you were me I don't think so.. All I can do is just laugh it off but I know deep down inside I feel like i'm worthless.


I can only dream of getting better..


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