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Titanic Exhibition
Thursday, March 29, 2012 / 1:19 AM

Since I couldn't get to see the Dinosaur exhibit that was on at the Science Centre as it had ended. I dragged baby to the ArtScience Museum next to Shoppes at Marina Bay. To view the Titanic exhibition.

As we had taken a bus, crossed the road, once we walked in the box office was there. So a hunch to get the tickets there and not at the museum, right choice! When we entered the museum, we saw a snake queue to the ticket counter. What a relief for buying tickets there and then.

We took the lift as it was slow we went up then down to the basement where our exhibit was.

On entering the exhibit we were given our boarding passes to the RMS Titanic. 

The unsinkable ship they called it back in the 1912. 

There are 9 sections to the exhibition.. Journeying through the exhibition brings you insight of what's to come or what was on the Titanic. Makes you feel like you were there, everything was great and interesting. But it was packed with some inconsiderate tourists.

A bit of information that can be found on the pamphlet.

1. Construction Gallery
Step back into the famed Harland and Wolff shipyard of the early 1900s and relive the story of Titanic's conception, design and construction.

*Did you know that Titanic had 2 sister ships called Britannic and Olympic.

2. Verandah Cafe 
Stroll through this one-of-a-kind alfresco dining area and be immersed in the sounds of dining passengers and the ocean breeze.

3. First Class Stateroom
With full-scale re-creation, witness how First Class passengers enjoyed the most luxurious way to travel.

4. The Grand Staircase
Towering over 24 feet tall, this majestic beauty epitomizes the ship's elegance.

Looks exactly like the grand staircase in the movie ((: and to think that is a replica.

5.Third Class Quarters/ Hallway
The Titanic also carried passengers looking for a better life. See how these passengers traveled onboard with this re-creation.

6. Iceberg Gallery
An iceberg loomed out of the calm night on 14 April 1912, a precursor to the tragedy that would befall the Titanic. In this gallery, touch a real sheet of ice and experience the freezing waters of the North Atlantic.

We had a feel of the ice, seriously too cold for comfort. Makes me sympathize all of those who lost their lives that fateful night.

7. Memorial Gallery
In memory of the passengers onboard the Titanic, this gallery provides a listing of over 2,200 names of those who were lost and saved in the tragedy.

The person that I was given 'Mrs John Murray Brown (Caroline Lane Lamson)' who was 59 at that time. Survived, she was a 1st Class Passenger. But unlike mine baby's person a guy of age 31, 'Mr Julius Van der Planke'  did not survive. Since woman and children were to board the boats first, simply there weren't enough boats to go around to save everyone.

8. Discovery Gallery
Find out about the discovery, recovery and conservation of artifacts from the Titanic.

9. Singapore 1912
This new addition to the Exhibition is dedicated to local connections where visitors can learn how the sinking of the great ship resonated in Singapore.

In this exhibition there are about 275 artifacts that were recovered from the wreck. 
14 of which have never been seen before. 

real objects | real stories

Seriously worth the money to go and view, it's ending soon last chance to view it.


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