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Friday, October 5, 2012 / 12:20 AM

so apparently on my first day back in the office after my 2 day MC. I had breakfast so that I could eat my colourful desserts known to others as my meds. After them I just went gone case, apparently my colleague, J, who sits in front of my work station said I was high..

I couldn't believe it, me high on my pink coloured cough syrup (look above). Well I didn't over do it, followed the label as of instructed 10ml. Suppose to make me drowsy but made me high instead.

Was so puzzled, told bro about it just then and he said yea because it's Codeine. Gah! drug addicts take them to get high... WHAT! You got to be joking with me.. Then why make it a cough syrup when these people can fake sick and get it!

Anyways proud of myself because I have never once finish my cough syrup.. well I still have 10ml to go that would be for breakfast and no... i'm not a drug addict just because I finish my cough syrup. It's dam gross, never want to eat it again! Just glad i'm done with it  ((:

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