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Last wedding of the year..
Friday, December 28, 2012 / 11:40 AM

Finally tonight will be the last wedding of the year, As I've attended about 4 - 5 already. I'm Broke! I will take my brother and sis-in-laws words into consideration. When I tie the knot, all of them will get my RED BOMB! Before the day ends need to get ready in the office, going to use games hour to wear my make up which I had to lug to work. With my shoes, clutch, makeup remover, hair mist, clip. Borrowing my colleague's mirror as I have no big ones. I'm getting picked up from the office yay! 

I have 2 weddings next year! and 1 in 2014.. Omg why do I know this in advance! 
Makes me wanna know when will it be my turn. > . <

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