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Almost Died
Monday, January 21, 2013 / 10:30 AM

Baby and I were coming back from AMK Hub as we went to watch The Impossible. We actually tapped our cards to go in to the MRT and then realised the taxi queue was short we tapped out which cost as $0.73 and we didn't even take the train. 

When we reached the taxi stand, we boarded the taxi starting was $3.00 the cheapest starting amount. It's like a mistake.. The time when we boarded was around 4~5pm so you know normally people would be awake. But this taxi uncle from where we were sitting he looked like he was falling asleep. With the constant nodding and what's worst he got honked twice or maybe three times! But who's counting..

When he had to turn the corner he was like not even stepping on the accelerator.. Baby and I fearing for our lives. Baby also noticed the uncle never change gears.. If you're tired please do not drive and put others at harm even though you want to earn money. Because it's seriously not worth it.

Never want to experience that again!


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