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Wednesday, January 16, 2013 / 12:31 PM

Seriously pissed off.. M1 why must you have this kind of problem..
Fix it faster! I can neither call out or receive any calls.

When I was on the way home yesterday, Bro whatsapp me to ask if I had any reception. I told him no as I had just gotten out of the MRT station (underground) and as I walked to the bus stop.. Miraculously I had full bar reception so I told Bro about it. So he replied to ask me to call M1's customer service and ask them what is wrong and when will it be back up. But this time I was already on the bus and decided OK once I have alighted i'll call them 1627. Luck ran out and gave me 'NO SERVICE' while I was walking home, I was cussing at my phone. As I could not whatsapp or call. I suppose Bro was wondering why I didn't whatsapp him before coming up as I would NORMALLY call him.

The whole family is on M1 ): We were like do you have reception, oh I have reception.. oh wait I don't the whole night. So before I slept wanted to call Baby, tried but failed so I had to call using Viber. Basically survived on wi-fi well I suppose most M1 users around Singapore had to do that.

I wonder when they'll be able to get everyone back up, feels like I do not have a phone when I have one!

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