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Non Stop Rain..
Sunday, February 10, 2013 / 2:10 PM

It's currently raining now! Thank god it wasn't raining this morning.. 
If not going to the temple to see my grandmother would be horrible!

Oh about this morning, my brother told me to wake up at 8am to get ready in case I needed more time. I snoozed my alarm to 8.20am then woked up from my beauty sleep! Got ready and guess what it was 8.55am and I heard no movement in his room. Chiam liao he's still not up! So I called him but he didn't pick up. I didn't want to knock in case if I did then the poopies will bark, but then thinking back, I should have. Bro said he didn't hear his alarm go off, but the whole morning I heard my sis-in-law's alarm go off and she didn't even wake up.. so fantastic = =

We left the house around 9.10am, told my aunt that we were going to be late. 
The time to meet was at 9am.. got there around 9.20am. 

Every year we would huddle around the front of all the tables just to find our grandmother. I hope I can remember the row her tablet is on next year. If not next year would need another huddle session. Was so glad I didn't have to see a certain someone there as I got a shock of my life last year. 
Of all people, I had to see him..

Anyways we had to leave the temple early as bro had to go visiting on sis-in-laws side first before we can visiting to my 2 grand aunts. On the way back I requested for McDonalds, as I haven't had hotcakes in such a long time. Got back and was stared down by Oreo, Nugget and Hershey.. Couldn't eat in peace as their faces were so cute and their tongues sticking out.

Just had my shower as I was smelling like joss sticks before from the temple. 
But then now it's like raining heavily. Oh my how do I go visiting like that.


Came back from visiting an hour or two ago. Seriously my brother wants to hai me how many times today.. Let me see... about 3 times!! He kept saying to our relatives "she's almost married!".. Seriously how do I look almost married when I don't have an engagement ring on my finger.. I'm trying to avoid that particular question.. and well I should have said something about the other particular question he likes to dodge..

I'm done visiting for today!

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