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"The day we met, Frozen I held my breath.. Right from the start, I knew that I'd found a home for my heart.." - Christina Perri




Friday, March 15, 2013 / 11:45 PM

Seriously is telling me what your doing so wrong? Why can't you tell me..? Now i'm like waiting for you at home like a fool thinking you'll come and get me since it's like so late. You said you'll be cabbing down to my place to pick me up.. Now what is the time? Then you tell me last bottle.. you mean you were drinking and I was waiting here thinking you still eating dinner.

Seriously you might not be tired, but I am. So not considerate and now you think that I think that you're in the wrong. What do you think? You never told me anything about having drinks and least I won't have to rush in having my shower or packing to go to your house. Or even rushing home from the farewell dinner I was at. Seriously have you ever wondered if the roles were turned. You think that you might act differently. I highly doubt it, you'll be just as angry/worried as me. Like why so long..

You say her friend came halfway, you could always say sorry I need to go.. It was nice meeting you. No one forced you to stay and drink. It's almost 12am.. and I'm still waiting..

Seriously I don't know what to say..


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