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Fruitful day
Thursday, March 21, 2013 / 10:37 PM

Went to the gym during lunch with Baby. Was there before him and he went and stole the cycling machine I was on. Such a meanie.. but I gave in to him.. Should I go tomorrow? Hmm might decide again tomorrow.

Almost done with the D&D surprise.. I hope everyone will like it. Showed it to Sharon and she was laughing told me it was good just had to add in another section. I think I can finish it by tomorrow. Need to do up the EDM as well. Just now was liaising with the designer/printer for our poster and invitation cards. Going to start on my video montage without sound tomorrow. Sigh! First draft for video montage to be in by 27 March.

Everything going as plan on my side, thanks to everyone (: Love Dolly the most for helping me find pictures for the video montage and for the surprise!

Came home early today thought I could clean their pee and poo, bring the trash down, feed Oreo and Twirl, drop the eye drop in Twirl's eyes. wash my laundry, cook my noodles early. But I ended up doing this from 7 - nowish.

At least the poopies are very good they don't pee and poo everywhere except for on the papers.

Quite tired, I remembered yesterday Baby was over sorta helping me with them and when he got home, showered asked me if I wanted to play Sim City I wanted to but I was falling asleep.

Why why why...?? Must my brother and sis-in-law go on holiday at this time.. So busy man! They left on Tuesday and they'll be back on Sunday evening. Even though tomorrow is Friday and that Sunday is close by.. I can't stay out late and I feel like it's forever for them to get back from their trip..

I'm going to rest now ~

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