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our future home
Monday, May 20, 2013 / 3:31 AM

So the other day, Baby and I took time off to go to our HDB appointment. Where we got to pick our future home, it was not exactly where we wanted but it is somewhere we can call home to in the future when it is fully built. Apparently heard from my colleague that our project has already started building. Oh so excited!

This is our floor plan..

Will take a better pic with my phone once I take back my folder from baby's house!
accidentally left it there yesterday and forgot to place it back into my bag after.

They say it's 93sqm but It is around 90sqm. I wonder if we can seal of the opening to the kitchen as I find walking through the front door and finding yourself next to the kitchen can be quite unsightly. Maybe opening up the other side of the wall opposite the bedroom. Make a wet and dry kitchen, that would be nice.

Currently applying for grant, hopefully we'll be able to get additional grant for our house that would help us dearly. If we get at least $5,000 it would help to cover the cost of our flooring. Luckily we didn't add on the sanitary fittings as the sample pictures that were hanging on the customer service officer's side panel of the cubicle. So ugly I tell you, said no and baby agreed that it was not worth the price.

I just searched HDB's website and found a list of Home Renovation Contractors and on that list Icon Interior is listed on there too. If can't hack my wall and make a wet and dry kitchen, the kitchen should at least look like this, as the kitchen size looks about there.

There are other stuff I like on her blog that baby and I can consider getting for our future home but that would be for another time to tell.

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