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Penang 2013
Friday, May 17, 2013 / 4:29 PM

11 May 2013 - Saturday

Didn't feel like waking up as I had only 2 hrs of sleep but had to wake up to catch our flight to Penang for Hui Chuin's wedding. 6.20am was when I actually woked up, 6.10am was when my alarm started ringing and in between all I was doing was snoozing. Showered, packed the remaining toiletries and waited for Baby to arrive at my house to pick me up in the cab that he was in and then it was off to Terminal 2.

When we arrived the taxi driver dropped us so far away from the check in counter. I think he dropped us off at 3/4 when we were suppose to go to 11/12. After we had gotten our boarding passes and Baby had gone to the toilet.. We went to have McDonald's breakfast and had breakfast next to the table with SY (Groom's) friends.

I had satisfied my hotcakes craving and I bought Baby his McGrittle but had gotten him a McGrittle Supreme (: After breakfast we headed into customs and went through the super fast way - scanning passport.

Went to our Gate and had to take out my zip lock bag filled with my liquid items. Had a hard time deciding what to bring and what not to bring as you can only have not more than 1 litre in your zip lock bag and your bottles (each) need to be 100ml or less if not no you can't bring it on the flight as it's in your hand luggage. So I had to show that, remove my jacket and what not. Waited for a bit in the waiting area and Baby turns to me and say is that Hui Chuin's sister behind us wearing the yellow polo tee and glasses. Wasn't sure at first but turned out to be yes! She's a nice person and she was with her husband.

Our journey to Penang was not bad not much of a turbulence on flight but we arrived 30 mins earlier than scheduled which I think wow that's quite good. So we waited for the bus to come pick us up to go sightseeing and makan around Penang before heading to Taiping.

We went to try the Char Koay Teow, no chilli, fried with chicken egg and another one was the duck egg. Baby and I like the duck egg more.. But I found it much saltier than the chicken egg and we also got wu xiang and OMG! the chilli sauce is so yummy! After that we went in search of the Khoo Kongsi Clan house. The whole group of us were walking the streets trying to find it and on the way we were snapping photos as there were drawings and wire art on the wall. Makes the street look much more interesting.

All that walking it turns out I had turned like 1 shade darker ): I felt super shiok after getting onto our bus as the aircon was blasting out cold air after walking in the hot sun! As we were still hot from the weather, we went to hunt down the famous Teochew Chendul stall at Penang St.We were following the GPS coordinates but that lead us to a dead end and as it was just across the road we decided to go get it on foot. But it was scary trying to cross the road, but it was not as bad as crossing in Bangkok that's for sure. We had to takeaway the Chendul as there was no seats for us and there were 8 of us!

Next was some pier, kind of forgotten the name and then it was off to Chew Jetty. We stopped at a petrol kiosk, see who needed to use the rest room so the rest waited and after we walked just a short distance to the Chew Jetty. It was scary for me as I didn't like to walk on planks above water.. I have this fear that the flooring will cave in and I would fall into the water and drown. Oh the thought! and it was very windy that day but managed to grab some awesome photos.

Our next destination took us a long time to get there, as the journey takes us an hour. Everyone was pretty much a sleep for the ride only occasionally we were woken up by the bumpy road. Felt like a forever roller coaster with no seat belt. I was basically using Baby as a pillow during our journey he was extremely comfy (: But the time I knew it we were already in Taiping, outside the Flemington Hotel where we will be staying at for the wedding banquet. We reached about 4ish - 5pm and the banquet was to start at 7.15pm. So during the 2 hours we were just resting in the room, ironing our outfits, watching some TV before heading for the showers to prepare.

We were seated at table 12 and the wedding favours box was so pretty! Each box held a Ferror Rocher.. Hmmm chocolate! Dinner was not bad, the food was alright and the bride Hui Chuin. She was awesome, haven't seen her like forever well a few months but it felt like forever.

After the dinner we took more photos and went up to turn in as we were so tired. Baby fell asleep as soon as his head touched the comfy pillow. He said it was too soft but I felt like it was just right.

12 May 2013 - Sunday

Didn't want to wake up early as I was still tired from the long day before, but Baby got me up to eat breakfast anyways. Dragged myself out of bed, got ready and out the door to level G to have breakfast. Nothing fantastic was on spread, had a bit of their Nasi Lemak, Char Koay Teow, Samosa and some small amount of dessert/fruits. After we went up to check and pack everything before checking out.

When we left Flemington hotel, we loaded out luggage on to the bus and headed for the lake on the opposite side of the road. Took some really nice pictures here and even made one of the scenery my Facebook cover. So it was off again to our next destination.. we needed to get back to Penang and so the driver said to take the ferry. One of those ferries that bring vehicles from one side to the other. Well we were on that kind of ferry and I was fearing that I would get my motion sickness. Baby kept reassuring me that I wouldn't but guess what I got a bit of it from the swaying. Sigh! Didn't eat my tablet.. Luckily I didn't throw up on the bus.

When we reached to the other side, we made our way to the famous Assam Laksa. My picture does not look appetising unfortunately. Taste wise it was ok, would prefer the normal Laksa with coconut milk. Assam Laksa had so much vegetables in it that I had the noodles and the soup only, and that didn't make me full. So I spotted this biscuit shop opposite the road. It was scary to cross but like I said it's not as scary as crossing the streets in Bangkok. In Bangkok there's no pedestrian crossing at their traffic lights. It was more on cross at your own risk.

So we got on to the other side of the road and into the biscuit shop, there were too many biscuits to choose from and the one that I wanted I can't remember the name of it but I remembered the taste. So I didn't end up buying any biscuits but I did buy the wheel snacks and my god it was so addictive. After we made our way back across, boarded the bus and made our way up the hill to this temple. Not really a temple person, plus majority I would say are Buddist on our bus. So just went there to take pictures on the view, flowers and statues.

After the temple we went to Penang Hill, we had to buy the admission tickets to take this train/tram ride to the top. They have this thing about their admission prices for locals and foreigners. Three of us landed in the foreigner category, those who were local were so nice and wanted to split the ticket price in between them. Felt so paiseh.

The weather and the scenery was like wow compared to when we were on the ground. Natural aircon blowing was a nice change to the hot weather below, that toast me a double shade darker! I have this ugly tan line now and it's to go away.. cause I hate it! Took some really nice photos up on Penang Hill.

We stopped by this famous Tiger Head brand shop that sells really nice Tou Sha Bing and Heong Peah. Tried the Durian Tou Sha Bing and wanted to get it but when I had decided it was all sold out! Seriously sold out, they had more but we needed to wait for them as they had not baked it yet. We were told to come back in half and hours time. So those who had gotten what they wanted bought their stuff  and we went to have some lunch nearby so that we can loop back to grab my stuff.

I bought 2 boxes of 24 mixed 12 Durian and 12 Original in one box. Baby's one was a bit different from mine as he had Durian, Original and Pandan flavour in his box. After the collection it was off to the airport, I don't remember much of the journey as I might have been asleep.

We were actually early for our check in as there was no one at the counter but the queue was long so we joined it. They had given us somewhere behind as to what was given to us when we flew to Penang. Baby was comfy and made our journey back home to Singapore the most comfortable one as ever. (: Love you Baby!

*Pictures to be up soon when I'm not so lazy to upload them (:

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