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strange request
Friday, May 17, 2013 / 1:18 AM

On the way to the MRT, Baby requested something strange from me. He wants me to list out what are the things that will make me leave him. One would wonder why in suspicion.. So before reaching the MRT, cause he was walking me there before heading home. I listed TWO for him and those are..

  1. He cheats on me with some other woman and I find out about it.. whether it's on my own, investigated or someone tells me. 
    (I'm sorry to say that I would not take him back. What makes you think he would not do it a second time)
  2. Gambling debts.

    (Seriously do you want to pay someone else's debts when you have your own loan to think about well for me NO WAY!)

He told me to go think about more.. er Ok! Need time to think about the rest. Told him he should do the same and he said I should do it instead sigh! How is this fair? Not fair you have to do it too I reckon!

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