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Oh no!!!
Saturday, June 15, 2013 / 8:44 PM

Sad news.. My laptop is down and does not want to load my windows. Baby who will be my laptop's doctor will need to have a look at it to give me the diagnosis. 

The question is do I need a new laptop? My vaio is 3 years old, bought in 2010 Jan in Brisbane, Australia. 

My previous laptop RIP at the age of 3, died from the blue screen of death! Now I'm wondering if my Compaq HP laptop can be revived.. But I highly doubt it since it's a hardware problem. 

Feel so lost without my laptop, it was working last night. Now sure what happened.. Sigh!


Update 17/06/13: I was super bored on the weekend as I didn't turn on my laptop because I know there's no point, until Baby takes a look at it. Tomorrow is the day when he comes and sees it (: He gets to see and play with the poopies after he has fixed my laptop!

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