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Wednesday, June 5, 2013 / 11:04 PM

Took a painfully long journey from my work place to Marine Parade after work. The jam was so bad, normally the journey would take me about 1 hr as I have to switch buses at Fullerton. But the journey today took 1hr 40mins. When bro came home I was complaining to him about how long it took me to get to point A to B and he agreed with me.

I went to Marine Parade, to see the doctor for my 2nd Cervical Cancer Vaccination. If I don't go baby will hound me down to no end. My left arm is currently super sore, there's so much I can do with a sore arm. Lol! I was actually trying to see how high my arm could actually go with the pain. I basically looked like a T-REX! But no matter what I washed my bowl and did my laundry.

Oh did I mention, showering is a bitch when you're one handed, it took me a while. Changing as well.. Took me ages to take off my dress, I somewhat got stuck along the way.

I've put in a reminder in my calendar so I won't forget to go for my last vaccination. Doctor said to go next month to finish it. Quite rush right! But no choice, I was suppose to finish all 3 vaccinations by the end of this month.. Oops! My clinic is a private one and the vaccination is super pricy compared to a polyclinic. I paid $214 for the vaccination and the consultation.. So in total I would be spending $642 for 3 vaccinations. Oh dear lord! This Cervical Cancer Vaccinations better do its job if not I went through so much pain for nothing!

I hope I will not sleep on my left arm, if not i'll be screaming in my dreams.


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