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Thursday, September 26, 2013 / 12:50 AM

I had 2 pieces of clothing flew out the back window on Sunday morning. 1 I had retrieved it the other I have not. Why? because the other piece that was a t-shirt got hooked onto the gala stick on the 2nd floor unit. I have been trying to get it back since Sunday, my greatest mistake was not to take a picture of it hanging there. My bro has been helping to try and get it back, but to my dismay they seem to be not at home most of the time. Hence we seeked help from our management, and she has gotten back to us today. It seems that #02-02 has told her that they don't have it. 

Can you stop being so dishonest, other people's clothing you also want. I know the design is cute, but still please give it back! If I see someone from that household wearing my t-shirt I swear man I'm going to question them. Mum told me to let it be, but how can I.. I bought that t-shirt 2 hours out of Bangkok at a floating market. Thank god, Baby didn't buy it for me if not i'll be so depressed and cry ):


In the RED box : the t-shirt that was not given back to me!

Now have to go back to the same place to get that t-shirt again...

I hate my neighbours!

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