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2 week adventure
Monday, November 25, 2013 / 1:12 AM

The countdown has started to our flight this coming Saturday, 30 Nov 2013! It will be our 2 week adventure to somewhere far away and we're travelling back in time (: I am happy cause it's a holiday with everyone, well not exactly since my sis-in-law will not be joining us. But there's my parents, bro, sis & her bf and baby.. 7 of us on an awesome adventure.

{credit: weheartit}

I'm also excited we will be celebrating our 35 monthsary there ! I will say that this week will go quite fast I hope.. But feel like I've started packing late, I have not even open the empty luggage yet.. I still need to dig up my drawers and cupboard to find more warm clothing. Also will have to pick my Coldwear jacket from the laundry mat had taken it to dry clean on Wednesday.

Baby and I need to go to Uniqlo again.. He needs to get some Heattech and I am going to see if I need anything else for the trip! 

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