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Yay! Get to remove them!
Tuesday, November 5, 2013 / 5:39 PM

It has been one week since my wisdom teeth surgery, i'm getting use to just chewing with my front teeth but it gets tiring after awhile. I hope my bubblegum gums heal faster so I can chew again! I'm going to remove my stitches tomorrow at 2pm, hopefully all goes well at the dentist.

I'm wondering is it going to be painful to remove the stitches? TQL was scaring me with how her mum had told her that it is painful to remove. Some friend right.. just about to go get it remove she scares me with all this information. I think just to be safe, I will eat a painkiller just before I go..

Definitely don't want to eat anymore congee! I'm sick of eating it already..

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