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Thursday, November 7, 2013 / 10:28 PM

I was on MC again yesterday, had to remove my stitches from my gums. The week before they slotted me in for 2pm, but they didn't have the nerve to tell me that I am on some waiting list to see my Dr. I mean come on la, if you give me a time.. stick to it and don't let me wait 1 hr.

Can you believe I had to wait 1 hr just to remove my stitches that only took 10 mins = = I was so angry and I literally had a black face. Still they kept saying that I had to wait and the dentist needs to see 2 more patients (small case) before he can see me! Small case my ass, I seriously didn't think I had to wait 1 hr when I clearly made an appointment.

Saw my dentist at 3pm! After I complained about waiting 1 hr in their clinic. I complained more saying that they shouldn't have told me that my appointment was at 2pm. One of the ladies kept explaining but it was one explanation that shouldn't be explained. The problem was not being solved and to make one wait after waiting so long. Something that they clearly can't seem to get it. They kept apologising. Well wouldn't it be better to see me like first, it only took 10 mins.

Such a waste of time, had to move back my other appointment by half an hour. At least they were understanding!

So I have to see them in 2 weeks, just a day after my birthday. They jolly well better not make me wait again. I swear man I will tell them off again. 

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