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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 / 12:01 PM

Baby and I had our long awaited gym session. We've been away from the gym too long. I wanted to hop on to the threadmill but Baby insisted that I cycle while he does the cross trainer. I died after 5 mins of cycling to no where~ So I changed to the threadmill and walked on it for 30 mins.

Wanted to go do my arms but he wanted to exercise together (: so we ended up on the rowing machine, even though I didn't feel like rowing yesterday, but did it anyways. We set our machines to 2000m and started rowing. 2000m is no joke! I died somewhere in between the first 1000m. But Baby kept encouraging me, told me not to stop and  he kept saying "row towards the chicken wing, chicken wing, chicken wing" as we had decided somewhere during our rowing that we will eat at 4 Fingers.

Was so funny! Kept laughing and told him to shoosh as I couldn't concentrate on making my arms "numb".

Looking forward to our Wednesday session at the gym.

Hopefully Baby can go see Monster after gym session.

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