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wedding preparations
Thursday, April 16, 2015 / 12:27 PM

So many people are getting married.. I've gotten so many this year and have to turned down quite a number of them as well. I've also been busy planning my own wedding with Baby.

Everyone knows 'Wedding Preparations' are always a headache. Planning is the key essential to lesser headache.

Baby and I have been planning ever since we got engaged in January.

Here's what we've got done, planned and have made a deposit or have paid..

¤ Photo Booth (2 Hours) 
¤ Wedding Shoot in Korea (November 2015) *Mini trip after the shoot, yay!* 
¤ Wedding Shoot in Singapore (October 2015) 
¤ Wedding Gown Fitting (July 2015) 
¤ Save the Date on Facebook (January 2016) *Save the trees* 
¤ Banquet Venue
¤ Bridesmaid Gifts *It looks yummy (:*
¤ Bridesmaid Dresses (MGP Label) *Backordered will arrive mid-end July, I bought 1 as it's so prettuy can wear to someone else's wedding!*
¤ Wedding Bands (Love & Co.)
¤ Videographer + Photographer + Montage (Framewerks)
¤ Wedding Car *Couldn't get our hands on a VW Beetle/ Beetle Cabriolet, but we're borrowing my Aunty's Mini Cooper~ Yay!*
¤ Found ourselves a JP/Solemniser (Mr Lim Tze Beng) *Yay*
What we have yet to do..

¤ Groomsmen attire *Have something in mind, have to go shopping*
¤ Gifts for Groomsmen *Thought of what to buy, just need to order it*
¤ Photo montage of our childhood. *Need to go hunt for more photos, have selected some so far*
In the midst of doing..

¤ Our Banquet Tables Seating Arrangement *Major HEADACHE!*
I'm not sure what else i'm missing out.. OH! Psst.. Our house is almost ready! Excited!

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