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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 / 10:47 PM

Was seriously late for my slimming treatment at 7.30pm, cause of the Lady GaGa concert. I was majorly stuck in a massive jam from Harbourfront to Keppel. We did not move for half an hour, thought it would be smooth sailing but I was wrong. On a normal day without a jam and say my appointment is at 7.30pm and I leave work on time, I would most likely to reach the place at 7.15pm. Guess what time I arrived.. 7.50pm = = FML! Lady GaGa I hate you!

I'm not sure if I regret doing the treatment or it is good. Why do I say that.. Felt like I was being tortured on the table/bed. I had the usual scrub, massage, hydro, mask and wrap. Massage was like screaming out OMG! KILL ME! That was how I felt.. The pain was like excruciating, now my stomach feels like i've done a lot of crunches, sit-ups and maybe some other stomach exercise. Not sure if it's going to bruise tomorrow.

Can you believe it I asked the person, what is Cellulite? I'm a noob, I know.. Apparently my Cellulite was so tough that the more she massage the pain increased. Then she did some belly button thing, I forgot what it's called. It's to make me not want to snack. Which kinda worked, half way through dinner I didn't feel like eating. It made stop myself from buying Koi, which I was going to treat myself from being so pissed off while going there.

She measured my stomach before she actually started the treatment and then messaged after.. I lost 7cm in total cause she measured 3 areas. But now i'm not sure to continue the treatment as it is over my budget. Sigh.. what a dilemma.

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