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Sadness with a tinge of happiness
Tuesday, April 9, 2013 / 9:58 PM

Can you believe it no compassionate leave, had to use my un-recorded OIL and half a day of AL to attend for my uncle's funeral. Woke up early, but not for work. Reached Singapore Casket around 9am.. waited for the monk to start the chant at 9.30am, all the young generation joined to say goodbye during the chant to my uncle. Can't believe he's gone just saw him over the easter break in the hospital, he had asked his brother my other uncle who's a doctor. If he can take chemo and if he has chance. After which we followed the hearse to my uncle's house and then it was off to Mandai Crematorium.

When we were there I thought of Chan who is residing there but I don't remember what number she's at and I didn't have time to say "Hi!". Then off to the temple at Race Course Road. My uncle's tablet will be placed with my grandmother (Dad's mum). But his urn will be at Bishan. He's only 61. His obituary came out on last Sat, 6 Apr 2013 ):

After the temple, we went to have lunch at Apollo Banana Leaf near Race Course Road. Was ok but prefer Muthu's. Afterwhich I hopped into my Aunty's car as she lives in Braddell and I wanted to get my hair done as D&D is nearing very soon and I wouldn't have any time left to go do it.

 Cut, Dye, Treatment in 2 hours for about  $120 is cheap and good! I have a new look.. quite like it (:

In the morning, Baby beat me to saying "Happy Monthsary!" It's our 27 monthsary.. Love you baby


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