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44th Monthsary
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 / 10:00 PM

Before work ended I went to make reservations at this place called Restaurant Labyrinth on Neil Road for our monthsary. How I got to know about this place? I was watching's Food Porn hosted by Irene Ang. It's a fine dining restaurant with unique dishes. Most of the items on the menu I would not normally eat, but I had tried it. So yea! I've tried it but I don't fancy them.

They have 2 different kinds of menu, Signature and Degustation. I thought Degustation looks interesting, so got Baby to order that. It's a 8 course menu - $138 (with service charge of 10%). The Signature menu is a smaller course.

Here are the dishes that were on our degustation menu (:

Pineapple Fried Rice
Pineapple Sorbet, Tumeric Zabaglione, Rice Crispy

Bacon and "Eggs"
Hokkaido Scallops, Sea Urchin, Prosciutto Crisp
(tried my first Uni, and my last, didn't really fancy the taste)

Labyrinth Chilli Crab
Chilli Crab Ice Cream, Soft Shell Crab, Sturgeon Caviar

Artisan Garden Pizza
Summer Truffles, Spinach Tomato Crust, Chantarelle Mushrooms
(to me this is the worst dish ever.. I felt like I was eating dried leaves, oh and the cheese is on the salty side. The chef said that this will be off the menu tomorrow.)

Cantonese Porridge Carbonara

Polenta Porridge, Parmesan Cream, Poached Egg Yolk

Satay Steak
Satay Marinated Steak, Pan Seared Foie Gras, Peanut Mochi
 (this would be my first time trying Foie Gras as I cannot seem to stomach it, it's so fatty)

Chendol Xiao Long Bao
Molecular Chendol Soup Dumpling, Gula Melaka Syrup
(was suppose to put the whole thing in my mouth, it was difficult the spoon + dumpling was so big!)

Singapore Breakfast

Panna Cotta, Mango Puree, Teh Tarik Crème Brulee
("Soft-boiled eggs" are my favourite. Even has a similar texture to the actual eggs)

Petit Four


I will definitely dine here again to try their new menus that will be out tomorrow onwards.

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